• Introduction

Among our many services are included virtually all valve modifications done today. This section is intended to cover some of the most commonly required. Should some special service be needed our procedures can be furnished in detail upon request.


  • Trim Change

Often valves are needed with special trims on the rings, and/or the gate, globe or clapper. This process involves the removal of any of the original trim material and deposition of the desired material on the appropriate valve part. Many trim changes, but not all, involve the manufacture of a new alloy stem for a gate or globe valve. The desired trim material is usually applied by are-welding and is covered by the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section IX. The part is then machined to the original shape and refit to assure a tight seal. Trim changes routinely done include the conversion from standard trim to 'Stellite', stainless, brass, or monel trim.


  • Tap, Drain and Bypass Installation

Taps, drains and bypasses can be installed according to customer requirements and according to MSS SP-34 and MSS-SP-45 specifications.


  • Actuator Conversion Or Installation

Customers' valves can be converted to accept any type of actuator or operator be it manual, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic to customer and/or actuator manufacturer specification. Our modification facility is also capable of furnishing valves with actuators installed. All customer and/or manufacturers requirements will be specified.


  • Bonnet Extensions for Crvoaenic Service

Successful operation of a valve at temperatures as low as minus 425"F requires special design considerations. Due to the high shrinkage of plastic packing materials with decrease in temperature the packing must be kept a sufficient distance away from the cold line fluid to remain functional. This is accomplished with an extended bonnet of sufficient length to provide an insulating gas column. The design for each manufacturer of valve will vary depending on the design of the valve before modification. A longer extension can be provided to customer specification. 


  • Inspection and Testing

As with the valves we repair, all modified valves are tested and inspected before being shipped. The same specifications that apply for repaired valves are used when testing modified valves.


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